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About Corrections Toastmasters

In 1980, a lady by the name of Isabel Hershaw started a Toastmasters program at the Ontario Correctional Institute in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Isabel had seen how Toastmasters had changed the lives of so many people including her own. She knew that if Toastmasters could help people with stable, blessed lives, it would do wonders for inmates. The Toastmasters program that Isabel started at the Ontario Correctional Institute still runs to this day and it has touched and helped the lives of thousands of inmates.

The Toastmasters program that Isabel started also touched the life of Brian, a Toastmaster volunteer at the Ontario Correctional Institute. Brian saw how the men benefitted from the program. He heard the men share their stories through speeches, Tabletopics and other Toastmaster roles. By opening up and sharing their stories, the men helped heal themselves and others that listened. Brian knew the program needed to be spread.

In 2013, Brian started two Toastmasters programs at Orange County Jail in Orlando Florida. Those programs run to this day and Brian is in the process of starting a third program for youth incarcerated at Orange County Jail.

Corrections Toastmasters is here to promote Toastmasters in correctional facilities and most importantly, to help start new Toastmasters programs in Correctional Facilities.

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