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Frequenly Asked Questions About Corrections Toastmasters

How can Corrections Toastmasters help me start a Toastmasters program in a Correctional Facility?

We can help you in a variety of ways. We can:

  • answer your questions about how Corrections Toastmsters program work includi ng questions related to how it start and run a program, challenges you may face, and the benefits of a program
  • provide you with forms and documents which will be used to create an agenda for your meetings
  • try and connect you with local Toastmasters who will volunteer to visit your facility and help you conduct regular Toastmaster meetings
  • in certain circumstances, we ourselves can visit your facility and help you run a meeting
  • advise and support your Corrections Toastmasters program on an on-going basis

What is needed to start a Toastmasters club in a Correctional Facility?

The most important thing to start a Toastmasters program in a Correctional Facility is to have at least one person who is an employee of the prison sanction the program. This employee needs to have the authoriy to sanction the program. If you do not have the authority to sanctiion a program at your Correctional Faciltiy, we can still assist you but please know taht the process cannot move forward in a meaningful way until the progam has been given the go-ahead by an employee with the authority to do so.

Are there costs associated with setting up a Toastmasters program in a Correctional Facility?

Not necessarily. Gavel Clubs are a way of providing the Toastmasters experience to groups such as Correctional Facilities that are unable to pay dues to Toastmasters International.

How often should meetings be run?

We suggest weekly meeting but meetings can be held less or more frequently.

What is the size of a meeting in terms of number of inmates?

Meeting should have at least 10 inmates attending and can have as many as 60 inmates.

Who runs the meeting?

After the inmates become familiar with the meetings, they will largely run the meetings. Volunteers or correctional staff can help a meeting stay on track and may be required by facility rules to be present.

How do we get started?

Please contact us, we'll be happy to speak to you and help you get started.

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